Seasonal Lawn Care Services Go Beyond Mowing

Lawn mowing is the most well-known of the seasonal lawn care services, and this is for good reason. Grass keeps growing all through the warmer months, so it must be mown repeatedly. This keeps it top-of-mind, but can cause people to overlook the other seasonal options available to them.

Two important lawn services in Chatham-Kent are fall and spring clean-ups. Many people need both of these instead of just one. In the fall, leaves, dead garden plants, and other debris get cleaned up and taken away. This deprives pests and rodents of places to overwinter, thereby reducing the chance of problems once the weather warms up again.

In the spring, many are surprised to find that the melting snow reveals a messy yard even if they did a fall clean-up. This happens because over the winter, tree branches fall and any leaves that were still on the trees come down. Also, lightweight trash like grocery bags or fast food wrappers may have blown onto the property, only to get stuck in the snow and then frozen in.

As the snow melts, it leaves behind a soggy mess of these items, which may be scattered around the yard. This is when it's time to have a spring clean-up done. Letting professionals deal with it is simply the easiest option.

Other seasonal lawn care services include reseeding, putting in new sod, and trimming bushes.

To ensure that you can get lawn services in Chatham-Kent when you need them, schedule them far in advance. Now is not too soon to set up scheduled lawn mowing, landscape projects, and other work that you already know you're going to need to have done.